Friday, March 23, 2018

Challenge day 11, What I ate in a day

I haven't been feeling well this week so I didn't blog. I did do this challenge last sunday though. :) 
I chose to do it on a sunday because I didn't want to photograph my food at work, haha!
So this is what I ate the whole day on sunday.

I made scones for breakfast :)

After that I had some candy because I'm worth it!

For lunch I had some leftover sallad from the day before, but added a yoghurt and a kiwi.

I didn't need much for lunch because I had a plan to treat myself with some leftover popcorn from our cinemavisit the day before as well. :D I always buy too much popcorn so I can eat the day after as well.

For dinner I made schnitzel and potato gratin. And added some broccoli! I could eat brocooli every day, it's lovely.

I realized that there isn't any pictures of what I drank! But don't you worry, I drink lots of water everyday, and I also hade a coca-cola can with the popcorns. :D

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Challenge day 10, Your latest purchase

I haven't been buying a lot of stuff lately so I was actually a little worried that I wouldn't know what to pick for this entry, but 2 weeks ago I got the idea that I wanted a indoor trampoline!
So I bought one an it's amazingly fun!

As some of you know it's very important for my endometriosis that I workout regularly or else I will have lot of pain. But becuase of my anxiety it has been a rough winter for my body, I haven't been working out as I should. So when I got the idea of a trampoline I felt that if I actually is excited about something, I should go ahead and buy it! 
So now everyday I choose 3 happy songs to jump to! :D 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Challenge day 9, Todays outfit

Because of my current lazy I don't even give a f*ck "style" and the cooold weather which makes it impossible to be excited about clothes I realized that if I waited for a fancy outfit in my life I would never blog again, haha!

So here you have it, todays outfit :'D (or at least my most common eveningoutfit)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Challenge day 8, A dreamjob

This a difficult question actually because it depends on how much you dream :P
On one hand I really would like to work with baking some day again, but if I were to be extremly rich I guess I would start a catshelter, what a dream, working with cats and taking care of them! 

BUT! In my wildest dreams I would be an actor of course, that job seems very very lovely, haha! 

Pictures from 2007 in theatreschool :D When I still thought that I would be an actor someday, haha! 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Challenge day 7, A celebrity crush

Okay I admit it. I only started a blogchallenge to get a reason to write a whole entry about Jamie ;) Maybe... 

So my celebrity crush is Sam Heughan who is playing Jamie in Outlander. 
Like seriously, are you guys seeing this? That man is PERFECT.

I very rarely get celebrity crushes so this one came as a big surprise when I started watching Outlander a month ago. I think a lot of my deep deep love has to do with how the character Jamie are, I think it might be impossible not falling in love with him. But after seeing lots of interviews with Sam Heughan I do think that he in private seems like a very nice person. :) 

If you haven't seen Outlander I truly recommend!
I'm reading the books as well. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Challenge day 6, Things I love in my closet

This of course changes from time to time, but right now these are my top 3 items in my closet :D

Skeletonsweater! Definitely my most used piece of clothing right now. It's very cold at my job in winter so a sweater is a must to survive! 

Simple black pants. One of my colleagues actually gave them to me 2 weeks ago when she was cleaning out in her closet. I love them! 

Batdress! Most used dress in my wardrobe :)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Challenge day 5, A great memory

One of my dearest memories together with my husband comes to mind. 
It was Metaltown 2010, we are really not concert or festival kind of people but we went there because of Rammstein :D It was in Gothenburg and we had never been there.

We quickly realized that the festivalenvironment made us really stressed. So instead of hustling around there we went around town! We LOVED Gothenburg, it was so pretty and all the people seemed so calm even though they live in such a big town. We went to movies, ate pizza and just had a really awesome time.
We did see Rammstein and that was wonderful too, but that was the only band we really saw, haha!

We ended up spending an extra night in Gothenburg because we wanted to relax and see more of the town.
It's just such a great memory for me, the whole weekend was so cozy, fun and I think that hotel had the greatest bed I ever slept in as well. Sometimes when I'm really stressed out I think about that lovely little trip we had :D